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Hi, I don't know if you're still working on this, but I noticed a bug where you can double the money paid if you quickly clicked on the money.

I also have some suggested features:

- A way to price the sugar, pearls, and ice

- A way to know how much sugar, pearls, and ice are in each cup

- For "F" and "H" to be changed to 1 and 1/2 (I first thought they meant "Frozen" and "Hot")

Though I found it difficult, it's a nice and cute game.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your valuable feedback! I'm not working on it anymore but maybe I'll get back to it in the future.

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I just noticed an issue with my comment, I edited it now but I meant to change "F" and "H" to 1 and 1/2 in my third bullet point. All the best!

is there a way to reset the game

Hi! You have to delete the data from the local storage in the application tab in the developer tools (if you are using Google Chrome). I apologize for not having a reset feature.


love the game! i wish we could restart the save tho

i think somethings wrong because whenever i serve a hot drink theyy say its too hot and when i serve a cold drink they just dont accept it?

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When serving a hot drink, you must use a paper cup. (It's mentioned in the setup screen if you play for the first time but I'm aware it is lacking in guidance for the player during actual gameplay)


omg i dont know how to play and i accidentally skipped the tutorial T-T

how do i get past area select

what does the F and H mean

Fill and Half fill


muhahha im rich

Very fun and cute game, I love the art style and game flow, my only complaint is the difficulty, I always get into debt within the first ten days, that may just be me being bad at business tho.

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Thanks for the feedback! I realize that it lacks info on how many people can arrive depending on the location. The traffic representation in the level select is useless. If I remember correctly 'Neighborhood' level can have 5-10 customers so you can start with a few cups and ingredients.

ahh ty that does actually help a bunch, I was mostly struggling with what to set the prices at but now I know it was too high, I was only getting about 4 or 5 customers a day I think


Oh, yeah yeah, I forgot to mention that setting your price too high will lower the chances of customers "entering" your shop. The tutorial is so lacking. I apologize to all the players. I might remake this one in the future now that I have much more experience.


Wish I could reset the game because I didn't realize I had to buy cups and went immediately into debt. Refreshed the page and it kept my debt but took all of my ingredients. It takes so long to actually get money for profit. Lastly, there's absolutely no instruction. I have no clue how to make drinks hot or cold without them saying too hot or too cold. I wouldn't exactly recommend the game in the state it's in right now. I love the idea but it's weirdly executed

Thanks for your feedback. There's an instruction when you get to the inventory screen for the first time and it includes a note saying you need a paper cup for drinks that are hot. And lastly, in the game screen, hot and cold corresponds to red and blue. Isn't that enough? I agree it lacks on some parts such as F and H which means full and half fill which may not be immediately obvious.

i dont understand  put tea and it fills all the way them i try putting milk and it dosent let me why?

Because you filled it all the way, you can't put milk anymore. You should only fill half of the tea

ohhhh thank you so much i appreciate it  i'm dying right now bro i'm so dum

Just a question but every time a customer asks for a hot drink and i give it to them they say its too hot. i seem do supid rn :(


you need to use a paper cup instead of plastic :)


Thank you :)

how 2 trash cups?


what you mean?

how do you throw away cups

At the left side of the table, there's a trash can

cool game wish i could taste it

Cool! Dope game, but it is super hard or I am just not cut for the serving drinks business. You could add a level transition where it gets harder as the player wins

This was cute!! My wrist sure had a hard time but still enjoyable haha

Thanks for playing! I agree it's hard for mouse input. It's probably better for mobile.

33/43! This was super cute and fun!